Call for Abstracts is now closed

We invite both session and abstract submissions for the European Climate Change Adaptation conference.  Three types of sessions will be organised: Practice, Science-practice, and Science . All session and abstract submissions should link to one of the conference themes.

We welcome abstracts from practitioners and scientists that show real-world examples of climate adaptation. We encourage case study abstracts to show how their experience can be useful to others, e.g. through identifying lessons learned, providing recommendations on best practice and considering whether the approach could be transferred to other regions or different contexts.


The lead organiser for a session or the lead presenter for an oral or poster presentation must create an online account. Once you enter the online submission portal, start by creating an Account. Please keep a record of the account details you use to set up the account as you will require them to log into the ECCA 2017 submission and registration portals. You can then add your contact details and submit your abstract in the ‘Abstract Submission’ section in the system.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you can save your submission as a draft and return to edit the submission, but once it has been submitted the abstract cannot be edited. If you require edits to be made please contact ecca2017@conferencepartners.com


An abstract can be submitted for presentation at the conference as one of the following:

A. Session

B. Oral

C. Poster

An abstract may only be submitted once. Accepted abstracts may be designated as oral or poster presentations by the Programme Committee.


Session submissions are invited which consist of a collection of interrelating abstracts constructed into one cohesive session. There must be an overarching theme across all of the abstracts submitted which corresponds to the Conference themes. Only the lead session organiser should submit the session proposal which should also include all oral abstracts which will be presented.

The system will ask you to input the following details:

  • Title of the session (word limit is 20)
  • Presentation type (Select “Session”)
  • Session type (Practice, Science-Practice or Science)
  • Theme
  • Name, affiliation, and job title of lead session organiser
  • Name, affiliation, and job title of co-organiser(s)
  • Summary of the session including a short description of any oral presentations within the session using the ECCA 2017 Session Proposal template. 
  • Target audience for the session (Who? Why should they attend this session? How does it benefit them?)
  • Proposed format for the session (We encourage innovative formats that facilitate active discussion. Standard sessions will be approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes in length (exact length to be confirmed later). Lunchtime slots of up to 45 minutes are also available for informal sessions. Please indicate your preference. Please indicate the number of speakers, duration of each speaker, time allowed for panel discussion and audience discussion, etc. Please specify any requirements regarding seating, room layout or presentation aids)
  • Proposed contributors and their roles (any oral presentations within the session should include their abstracts in the session template)
  • Are external contributions to your session accepted? (The organisers are encouraged to leave space for additional contributions to ensure diverse participation)

It is recommended that you prepare the information on the audience, format and roles of contributors in a Word document and then copy and paste the information into the session submission system.

If a session proposal is rejected, the individual oral presentation abstracts within that session will be passed on to the review team to be considered for other sessions.


ECCA 2017 Session Proposal template


Abstract submissions are invited for oral and poster presentations.  The lead presenter must submit the abstract. The lead presenter will be responsible for corresponding with the organiser and co-authors.

The system will ask you to input the following details:

  • Title of the abstract (word limit is 20)
  • Presentation type (Select “Oral” or “Poster”)
  • Session type (Practice, Science-Practice or Science)
  • Theme
  • Name, affiliation, and job title of lead/corresponding author
  • Name, affiliation, and job title of co-author(s)
  • Indicate the presenting author
  • Abstract for the presentation using the ECCA 2017 Oral or Poster Abstract Template
  • Would you qualify and like to be considered for a Young Scientist Best Presentation award (criteria are under 30 years old and/or currently studying for a postgraduate degree)?
  • In which area do you work? (Business, Policy, Practice, Science, Interface between business, policy, practice and/or science)
  • 2nd choice of theme.
  • 3rd choice of theme.


ECCA 2017 Oral or Poster Abstract Template


Important Dates:
Opening of Call for Abstracts: June 2016
Deadline for Abstract Submission (Extended): 15 October 2016
Notification of Acceptance for Sessions: December 2016
Notification of Acceptance for Oral and Poster presentations: January 2017
Deadline for registration for presenters: March 2017



  • When notified of acceptance, presenters are required to accept their offer by registering for the conference by the early bird deadline or they shall be removed from the programme.
  • Accepted abstract authors can only register via the Presentation Portal.

Please note:

  • Please adhere to the following formatting guidelines when preparing abstracts for submission for ECCA 2017. Abstracts not formatted to the following standards will not be accepted.
  • An abstract may only be submitted once.
  • Abstracts submitted as an oral presentation may be changed to a poster presentation by the Programme Committee in order to be accepted and included in the programme.
  • Presenters may be recorded for live streaming. A recording of the presentation and a copy of the slides may be published online after the conference.
  • Submitted abstracts and/or posters may be published in print and online after the conference.
  • It is the responsibility of the lead presenter to submit the abstract. They will be the main corresponding author whose responsibility it is to communicate with other members of the presenting team.
  • All abstracts must be submitted in English.



Important Dates:

June 2016
Abstract Submission Site Opens
November 2016
Registration Site Opens
15 October 2016
Deadline for Session and Abstract Submission
December 2016
Acceptance Notification for Sessions
January 2017
Acceptance Notification for Abstracts