Take the opportunity to reach over 900 ECCA delegates in this ideal business and networking setting. A range of opportunities are available and we would be delighted to discuss these with you.

We have a number of partnership packages and opportunities available however please do let us know if you have specific requirements or budgets in mind and we will be happy to work with you to create a bespoke package.

Exposure at this event would be hugely beneficial as this is an ideal setting to network, build and forge new relationships while at the same time creating awareness for your products and services to these prestigious delegates.



  • Global exposure to a dedicated audience
  • Alignment with innovative next generation thinkers
  • Access to a wide range of scientific projects
  • Increase credibility, expand loyalty and build opportunities with new and existing clients
  • Reinforce and strengthen your brand position within the climate adaptation community
  • Network with like-minded industry members and world renowned practitioners
  • Put your brand in front of hundreds of the most influential decision makers
  • Connect directly to very hard to reach opinion leaders
  • Promote your products, services and research to our international audience
  • Connect with highly trained research graduates
  • Generate new ideas
  • Gather new knowledge
  • Foster collaborations and build new business relationships

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