Monday 5th June

Civic Reception
Location: City Chambers Glasgow
Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Cost: Free

The Civic Reception will take place on Monday 5th June 2017 at the City Chambers located in George Square in the heart of the city. This is an informal drinks reception open to all delegates at no extra cost.

Tuesday 6th June

Poster Drinks Reception
Location: Exhibition Hall, Scottish Event Campus
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

The Poster Drinks Reception will be an opportunity to visit the extensive display of conference posters as well as to meet other delegates, including those from the ECCA Business Day. This is open to all delegates at no extra cost.

Posters are grouped according to the topics listed on Page 11. There will be guided poster tours to visit groups of posters arranged by topic. These will start at 6.30pm and 7.15pm and each tour will last about 30 minutes. Look out for the tour guides who will pass through the hall carrying signs labelled with the topic, and just join the group that interests you the most. During the tours, poster presenters will each give a two minute summary of their poster, and there will be an opportunity for questions and discussion. The poster tours will operate at the following times:

6.30 pm – 7.00 pm tours
1. CCRA: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (posters 1-6)
2. Climate Services tour 1 (posters 13-21)
3. Monitoring, evaluation and governance (posters 22-28)
4. Participation and co-production tour 1 (posters 37-43)
5. Pathways and transformation (posters 61-65)
6. Health (posters 79-89)
7. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries tour 1 (posters 101-106)
8. Drought and flooding tour 1 (posters 117-124)
9. Coastal adaptation plus urban water issues (posters 132-137)
10. Urban, energy and infrastructure tour 1 (energy focus) (posters 138-148)

7.15 pm – 7.45 pm tours
1. Climate Services tour 2 (posters 7-12)
2. Governance (posters 29-36)
3. Participation and co-production tour 2 (posters 44-51)
4. Communication, art and culture (posters 53-60)
5. Disaster risk reduction and climate justice (posters 66-72)
6. Biodiversity, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions (posters 90-100)
7. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries tour 2 (posters 107-116)
8. Flooding tour 2 (posters 125-131)
9. Urban, energy and infrastructure tour 2 (transport, planning and business) (posters 149-166)

Wednesday 7th June

Conference Dinner and Ceilidh
Location: Kelvingrove Art gallery and Museum
Time: 7:00pm to 11:00pm

Join us for a traditional Scottish Ceilidh in the stunning setting of Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Enjoy fine Scottish cuisine in an informal party setting in this unique and history-rich building. After food and drinks, have a go at traditional Scottish dancing – no experience necessary!

Thursday 8th June

Film evening in partnership with the Glasgow Science Festival
Location: Kelvin Hall Lecture Theatre, near Glasgow University
Time: 6pm to 9:30pm

Part 1: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Book free tickets for Part 1 of the film evening on the Glasgow Science Festival website here

Le Jardin d’Ewald (60 Min/ Senegal).
The disappearance of water, plants and animals from rural Senegal can’t be prevented, calculated or stopped. Or can it? A farmer, artist, gardener and young boy from Senegal have one thing in common: mastering everyday life without water in one of the driest regions on earth. The race for the best strategy for tackling climate change has already begun. A balancing act between tradition and innovation, country life and the lure of the city.
This film follows Senegalese people in rural areas as they try to outwit one of the greatest threats for that region, which is drought due to climate change. It has been shown at film festivals worldwide (Winner Best Documentary Los Angeles Urban Film Festival, Nomination Water for Life Award CMS Vatavaran in New Delhi, Official Selection Mumbai International Film Festival, official selection Ekotopfilm Prague). We are very lucky to secure this film as the one originally scheduled for this slot was, ironically, damaged in the Brisbane floods a few weeks ago.

Part 2: 8:00pm – 9:30pm
Book free tickets for Part 2 of the film evening on the Glasgow Science Festival website here

Climate Change Cinema: Shorts (three short films):
Small Island States (James Butler, CSIRO), 5 and 7 minutes.
Listening for the Rain, Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change (Renee McPherson, USA), 23 minutes.
Aghbalou, the source of water (Anna and Remi Sowa, Chouette Films), 29 minutes. An internationally acclaimed film exploring traditional irrigation practices and ‘science wars’, set in a small river oasis in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. See the blog on the News page.

Panel discussion 9:00pm – 9:30pm