How do we know whether all our efforts towards climate adaptation are working? In this blog, Timo Leiter and Mike Harley invite you to ECCA session 6.13, which will showcase the work of countries that are taking the lead in developing monitoring and evaluation systems to track progress towards climate adaptation.

How to do we know whether countries are getting better adapted? Insights into national adaptation M&E systems in Europe and emerging economies

By Timo Leiter (GIZ) and Mike Harley (Climate Resilience Ltd)

Many governments are taking steps towards climate resilient development and have put in place strategies, policies and initiatives to address the impacts of climate change. But are these actions being implemented, and what is their effect? Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of climate change adaptation can help to answer these questions.

The session is looking at how countries are developing national adaptation M&E systems to understand their adaptation progress. The M&E systems developed so far differ widely in terms of their scope, content, methods used and the responsibilities of actors. Only a small number of pioneers have started operationalising their M&E systems and reporting on progress.

The practice session showcases some of these pioneers, namely the UK, South Africa, Morocco and the Netherlands. Country representatives outline their way to monitor adaptation at national level and what the challenges and lessons from their first years of operation learned are. The practice session will provide a rich basis for reflection and peer-to-peer learning. It will also make reference to the Paris Agreement and its provisions for information, transparency and reporting on adaptation. Interactive discussions with the audience will then explore the main take-away messages for the development of adaptation M&E systems elsewhere.

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Session 6.13: Monitoring and evaluating adaptation in practice: learning from (sub) national examples from Europe and beyond

Tuesday, 16:00-17.45

Chairs: Timo Leiter, German International Development Agency GIZ and Mike Harley, Climate Resilience Ltd


  1. South Africa: using Desired Adaptation Outcomes to monitor and evaluate the transition towards climate resilience (Mike Harley, Climate Resilience Ltd)
  2. Morocco: Lessons from the pilot phase of a climate adaptation and vulnerability monitoring system for priority sectors (tbc)
  3. The Netherlands: a reflexive monitoring and evaluation system for the Delta Programme (Jelle van Minnen, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of adaptation policy and practice: approach, lessons learned and future developments at various scales across the UK (Anna Moss, Manuela Di Mauro and Ruth Monfries, ClimateXChange)